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Team Hunter is the place to be! (Please don't sing that to the Green Acres theme.)

Top 5 Reasons to Join Team Hunter

1. Hunters are some serious GQMFs.

I'm not sure if this point is in question, but, in the event that it is, I will now present to you our case in chief:

Hokay, so. Here are the hunters, chilling. "Damn, that is a sweet group of hunters," you might say. FIERCE. Alright. Ruling out hellfire brimming over, angels becoming crashed into us, the Winchesters leaving, and the earth exploding, we're definitely going to win the next Apocalypse.

Sold yet? No? Allow me to proceed.

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Warning: Team Hunter is not responsible for damage caused by gratuitous Chad Michael Murray.
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Team Hunter Final Mix

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the team music challenge! We had a lot of fun. Here's a final list of the songs on Team Hunter's mix. Enjoy!

(1) Into the Fire -- The Scarlet Pimpernel
(2) Freedom Hangs Like Heaven -- Iron and Wine
(3) God and Satan -- Biffy Clyro
(4) You In the End -- Matt Hires
(5) Johnny and Mary -- Placebo
(6) Seven Nation Army -- The White Stripes
(7) Apocalypse Please -- Muse
(8) War of My Life -- John Mayer
(9) Fight the Good Fight -- Triumph
(10) Another One Bites the Dust -- Queen
(11) Eye of the Tiger -- Survivor
(12) Dance With the Devil -- Breaking Benjamin
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Icon Tag Media Challenge

How does this work?

1) As all Team Challenges go, you'll be working with your team exclusively to win the challenge. This week, we're playing icon tag!
Icon Tag is a game in which you're given a prompt (say, the character Pamela Barnes), and you make an icon of Pamela with another character (for example, Anna Milton). Once you post the icon, a new player will enter an icon of Anna with someone else (like Ruby). The next icon will feature Ruby with someone else, and so on and so on.
2) You’ll be given a prompt at the end of the post. The first icon posted must include this character.
3) Someone on your team will make a post for this challenge in an entry to your team community.
4) Someone will comment "claimed" to the post and make an icon with the character from the prompt and another character.
5) That person will then reply back to the team post with their addition.
6) Someone else will then reply to their comment with "claimed" and add post a new icon.
7) They will then respond to the team post with their addition.
8) And so on and so forth.


1) You can make as many icons as you like, but you can only make one at a time. You must wait for someone else to make an icon before you make another.
2) The icon may only feature two people - get ready to use your cropping skills!
3) However, if you have to make an icon with Pamela and you'd like to add John, you may use two different screencaps in the icon.
4) You may only use screencaps or promotional photos for Supernatural. Any icons made with photos of the cast offscreen won't be counted.
5) Red and I must be able to see who is in the icon. Make sure the icon isn't too dark or overly textured, for our sake and your teammates'.
6) No bashing, no nudity, don't use the same icon more than once, and no stealing other people's icons or using old icons you have created and posted. Keep it clean, bbs.
7) As soon as the challenge closes, the team posts must become viewable to the public. Red and I will round up all the entries and post the complete stories to this comm.


Claimed: cherie_morte

SPN: This is my life.

Write Away Media Challenge

Hey, guys, I know we're all keeping busy with the two writing challenges right now, but it looks like there's yet another one and this one is a team challenge.

This closes on FRIDAY, APRIL 2 @ 23:59 GMT (7:59 P.M. EST).

The challenge:

1) Like our earlier Team Graphics challenge, you will be creating something with your team. But this time it’s a story!

2) You’ll be given a prompt at the end of the post. The story your team comes up with must include the prompt.

3) Someone on your team will post the prompt in an entry to your comm.

4) Someone will comment "Claimed" to the post and then write the first ten to one hundred (10-100) words of a story incorporating that prompt.

5) That person will then reply back to the team post with their addition to the story as well as a word count of what they have written

6) Someone else will then reply to their comment with "Claimed" and add an additional ten to one hundred words to the story.

7) They will then respond to the team post with their addition and the word count of their addition.

Rules and more information can be found here.

I know it's the middle of the week but if you guys could PLEASE at least stop by and write one little addition to this, it would be a huge help. If everyone on the team writes just one sentence, we will win participation and that is 300 points! YOU DON'T HAVE TO WRITE WELL, YOU JUST HAVE TO MAKE SENSE!



Dean is the one with demon blood; Sam is not.


Claimed! cherie_morte


First Challenge!

Okay guys, here is the first challenge!  I figured I would post it since I'm online so here you go. :)

1)This post contains 35 "Getting to Know You" questions that must be answered by your team.
2)Someone- either a team mod or the first person who sees this- will make a team post with all the questions.  (That would be me)
3)Members of the team must then submit their names in the comments as an answer to the question.  (I've done one!)
4)No member may submit their name more than twice! But you are allowed to withdraw your name for a question, and submit it as an answer to a different question.
5)Whoever made the post must periodically edit the post to include the answers and any required evidence.
6)Provide evidence if evidence is needed! If we ask for a specific gif, prove that you have the gif. (Certain questions will be marked as needing evidence)
7)Sometime before the challenge closes, the post must become unlocked and a link to it posted in these comments.
8) No cheating. If Sam or I find out that you've lied, your entire team will be disqualified from the challenge.

The Survey!
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